Saturday, August 15, 2009

what i'm grateful for..

I saw this reading another blog, and I decided to share with you 100 things I'm grateful for..
1. My entire family.
2. My friends.
3. God.
4. The fact that my friends and family love me no matter who I am and no matter what I do.
6. Twilight Saga
7. Robert Pattinson
8. Edward Cullen
9. Kristen Stewart
10. Ashley Greene
11. Taylor Swift
12. Malls and shopping
13. The number 13 (:
14. Any music
15. My singing voice
16. My sister. And the fact that I know she'll be my best friend my whole entire life.
17. My dad. And the fact that he loves me more than I could ask for and the fact that he's so supportive in everything I do. And the fact that he makes me laugh 24/7.
18. My mom. The fact that she takes care of me when I need it most. The fact that she created me and she's the reason I'm here today. The fact that she'll always be there to make me laugh, or to listen.
19. Guys.. sometimes.
20. Sugar.
21. Jordan. For being my best friend.. sister.
22. Maddie. For being able to listen to me and knowing exactly how I feel.
23. Hayley. For making me laugh at stupid stuff when she knows I'm feeling upset.
24. Molly. For being completely random and crazy. And loving me for the same reasons.
25. Rachel. Who I can talk to about anything.
26. Mackenzie. For always being there.
17. Busy Bee Lauren. For making me laugh my butt off 24/7. I love her!
28. Busy Bee Lauren's blog. For letting me read it whenever I want. It's the best blog I have ever seen in my life.
29. My pets. For acting crazy and making me laugh till it hurts.
30. Pretty flowers.
31. Because I soooo desperatley wanted a blog and now I'm in love with it.
32.,,, TwilightersAnonymous. For filling my Twilight addiction when I need it.
33. Taylor Swift's MySpace, Taylor Swift's Twitter and For letting me know what's going on in Taylor Swift's life.
34. The color pink. It has always been my favorite. Always will be.
35. Disney World. I go every year, and love every second.
36. Fantasy Perfume. God. I love the smell.
37. Warm Vanilla Sugar. Ahh.. so calming.
38. The internet. For letting me know things a lot quicker.
39. Blogging. Ahh. I love it so much!
40. Fashion.
41. Love. It can hurt, but it's beautifullll.
42. Money. So I can someday support myself.
43. Soft things.
44. Cats. They make me happy.
45. Laughter. I need it to survive.
50. Ladybugs. They make me happy. And always let me know my grandma is watching over me.
51. Cheerleading. I love it. I would be so bored without it.
52. Sparkly nonsense.
53. Nail polish/make-up.
54. My freckles.
55. Clocks. So I can know what time it is (:
56. Facebook. So I can keep up with old friends and meet new ones.
57. YouTube. So I won't always be bored with nothing to do.
58. Television. For my favorite shows.
59. The radio. Because I'm so in love with music.
60. Concerts. I love the energy. And seeing my favorite artists in person.
61. My personality that people seem to like.
62. School. Because I love feeling smart and being successful.
63. The Golden Girls. One of the best shows.. EVER.
64. Ballet. The most beautiful dancing ever. I would love to take classes again..
65. Dresses. I would wear one every day if I could.
66. The sun. It cheers me up.
67. Thunderstorms during class. I love the distractions. (:
68. Sleeping.
69. Taco Bell.
70. Cell phones and texting.
71. Pictures.
72. Photography. I love to capture moments.
73. Inside jokes that make you laugh for no reason.
74. The Bible.
75. Napoleon Dynamite. The best so-stupid-it's-freakin'-hilarious movie of all time.
76. CDs.
77. My every so often bursts of creativeness.
78. Flower headbands.
79. Tutorials.
80. Pink Falmingoes.
81. Beaches
82. Christmas.
83. Hanging out with friends.
84. Being able to type fairly fast.
85. Shoes
86. Accessories.
87. Hobby Lobby.
88. Forgiveness.
89. Honesty.
90. The fact that I'm almost done.. haha.
91. iPods.
92. Cameras.
93. Food.
94. Water.
95. My warm, comfy house.
95. Bracelets.
96. My hair. When it cooperates.
97. Candy.
98. Showers.
99. Paramore.
100. All you commenters (:
What are you grateful for? Tell me some things in the comments!

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