Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ohh, maddie..

Hey, all (: I have been so out of blogging.. Gah. I'm supposed to be doing 'Today's Topic' every Wednesday.. I totally skipped a couple. Oops (: Well, here's one! Finally.

Today's Topic?

Ahhh. Who is this Maddie? She's my best friend, pretty much. We're always together. It's crazy. I can trust her with evvverything. We both started our blog's due to Lauren over at Busy Bee Lauren. We're HUGE fans of her (umm, yes. she is a celeb) and we love her a lot! We've talked to her, and she's just about the sweetest person ever. Sooo. We love her blog and it's totally hilar, so we decided to start our own. Yes. 'Tis true. So today the topic is Much About Maddie.
Go on over and check it out! It's a really good read when you're bored. (: Make sure you comment.. or follow her ;)

What's your favorite blog? Tell me in a comment!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


music is my main love.

just thought you should know.

i've always loved to sing and dance.. i miss ballet (which i may post about soon..) so much. i have a microphone sitting in my room which i use daily - even thought it's falling apart. i freaking love that thing. when i was little, i used to HATE music and listening to the radio. why? because i was jealous of everyone on the radio. i wanted people to hear MY song on the radio. now, i'm still jealous, but i can handle it. i know i'll be there someday. i'm a very positive person. you know how it iiiis. now all i do is listen to music. i can't live without it. i'm getting a guitar in the next week, which i am freaking PUMMMPED about. i've been dying to get one since i was in like, 2nd grade. gah! i'm really excited (: i love any kind of music. like, i love taylor swift (country/pop) but right now, i'm listening to a rap-ish/r&b song. anything is fun for me to listen to.

so.. what do you love about music? what's your favorite type of music? tell me in a comment! (:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So. Some of you may hate school. Some of you may love it. Some of you may be in between. For me..
Well, I hate any work or tests. Those suck. But as for everything in between, such as passing period.. distractions in class.. lunch.. seeing friends.. being able to talk in class..
That is love. I love the socializing part. BUT. I do miss the summer. A lot. Looking back on the things I did, the times I had fun.. I'm really sad about it. Summer was bomb. I LOVED IT. Wanna know why?
-I love seeing my friends for an unlimited amount of time.
-I love sleeping till 6:30 PM.
-I love staying up late until 5:45 AM reading all you can.
-I love talking to my friends for hours until I gotta go read.
-I love the warm summer air.
-I love waking up to the sound of someone mowing their lawn.
-I love the smell.
-I love staying up late to read EVERY SINGLE POST EVER on Busy Bee Lauren. Fun times. Fer realz.
-I love wearing shorts, t-shirts and cute cute dresses.
-I love not having to stress about an upcoming test or homework that's due tomorrow, it's time to go to bed and you still haven't done it.
-I love listening to the same music videos over and over while I read.
-I love the fact that it was my one year anniversary of the first time I held Twilight in my hands.
-I love the fact that this year I could love Maddie for giving the best book I ever read as a present.
-I love vacation. (Disney World, baby!)
-Most importantly, I love when I started this blog. It's a little harder keeping up now. I miss staying up to post. It's love.
Dear Summer,
I miss you dearly. Come back soon. Sooner than 169 days.
What do you miss and love about summer? Tell me in a comment (: