Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hello all (:

Hi, everyone! I'm a huge fan of Twilight and I'm 13. I'm a HUUUGE fan of Busy Bee Lauren! The link to her blog is on my sidebar, so check it out! She's hilarious!
I'm here to share stories about my life with you all. (: Today is a great day since I got to start my blog. I'm excited! I have another blog,
Twilight Rehab, which actually makes your addiction worse. Hahah (: Check it out! Oh, by the way. My name's Melissa. And this is me:

I hope you love my blog (: I'll keep up as much as possible! Please enjoy some fascinating stories of my life (:


  1. helloooo gorgeous (:
    that's about my favorite picture of you.
    by the way !

  2. thanks (: it's my favorite tooooo.
    i'm so in love with blogging.