Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ohh, maddie..

Hey, all (: I have been so out of blogging.. Gah. I'm supposed to be doing 'Today's Topic' every Wednesday.. I totally skipped a couple. Oops (: Well, here's one! Finally.

Today's Topic?

Ahhh. Who is this Maddie? She's my best friend, pretty much. We're always together. It's crazy. I can trust her with evvverything. We both started our blog's due to Lauren over at Busy Bee Lauren. We're HUGE fans of her (umm, yes. she is a celeb) and we love her a lot! We've talked to her, and she's just about the sweetest person ever. Sooo. We love her blog and it's totally hilar, so we decided to start our own. Yes. 'Tis true. So today the topic is Much About Maddie.
Go on over and check it out! It's a really good read when you're bored. (: Make sure you comment.. or follow her ;)

What's your favorite blog? Tell me in a comment!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


music is my main love.

just thought you should know.

i've always loved to sing and dance.. i miss ballet (which i may post about soon..) so much. i have a microphone sitting in my room which i use daily - even thought it's falling apart. i freaking love that thing. when i was little, i used to HATE music and listening to the radio. why? because i was jealous of everyone on the radio. i wanted people to hear MY song on the radio. now, i'm still jealous, but i can handle it. i know i'll be there someday. i'm a very positive person. you know how it iiiis. now all i do is listen to music. i can't live without it. i'm getting a guitar in the next week, which i am freaking PUMMMPED about. i've been dying to get one since i was in like, 2nd grade. gah! i'm really excited (: i love any kind of music. like, i love taylor swift (country/pop) but right now, i'm listening to a rap-ish/r&b song. anything is fun for me to listen to.

so.. what do you love about music? what's your favorite type of music? tell me in a comment! (:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So. Some of you may hate school. Some of you may love it. Some of you may be in between. For me..
Well, I hate any work or tests. Those suck. But as for everything in between, such as passing period.. distractions in class.. lunch.. seeing friends.. being able to talk in class..
That is love. I love the socializing part. BUT. I do miss the summer. A lot. Looking back on the things I did, the times I had fun.. I'm really sad about it. Summer was bomb. I LOVED IT. Wanna know why?
-I love seeing my friends for an unlimited amount of time.
-I love sleeping till 6:30 PM.
-I love staying up late until 5:45 AM reading all you can.
-I love talking to my friends for hours until I gotta go read.
-I love the warm summer air.
-I love waking up to the sound of someone mowing their lawn.
-I love the smell.
-I love staying up late to read EVERY SINGLE POST EVER on Busy Bee Lauren. Fun times. Fer realz.
-I love wearing shorts, t-shirts and cute cute dresses.
-I love not having to stress about an upcoming test or homework that's due tomorrow, it's time to go to bed and you still haven't done it.
-I love listening to the same music videos over and over while I read.
-I love the fact that it was my one year anniversary of the first time I held Twilight in my hands.
-I love the fact that this year I could love Maddie for giving the best book I ever read as a present.
-I love vacation. (Disney World, baby!)
-Most importantly, I love when I started this blog. It's a little harder keeping up now. I miss staying up to post. It's love.
Dear Summer,
I miss you dearly. Come back soon. Sooner than 169 days.
What do you miss and love about summer? Tell me in a comment (:

Sunday, August 30, 2009


So, lately I've been very busy being caught up in school. Blahh. I need summer back.

I have obsessions.
And when I say obsessions, I mean:
-Looking up information every single day on the subject so I don't feel behind.
-Spaz everytime someone says "I have something to tell you", thinking it's something they knew before ME about my obsession
-Srsly stalking, and I mean stalking, the poor people
-Speaking of it nonstop
-Finding ways to bring up the subject, and freaking when the chance comes
-Loving to brag about things I know and people I've met
Yes.. I have many. Three of my biggest happen to beeee...

*Twilight - Whatta shock! Who ISN'T obsessed with that?! If you aren't, I suggest you best stop reading my blog cause it will come up.... a lot.

*Taylor Swift - Freakin' lovvvvve her. We have a billion things in commen. Fur realz. We have the same birthday, helloo. But there's more (: Plus, everyone can relate to her so well, and she treats her fans like you've been her best friend forever! And so do her mom, Andrea and best friend, Abigail! ( I typed this the 'You Belong With Me' music video came on TV.. creepy.) PS; photo credits to me (: Woop woop! From her concert here babayyy.

* Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren/ Lauren's Bite - Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy God. I love her! She's freakin' hilarious and she's soo nice and gorgeous! I've talked to her before on Facebook and I've emailed her before. She's so sweet! I actually think of her as a celebrity (: hahaha.So, those three topics MAY come up tons and tons and it MAY cause you to hate me and them. But don't (: Because they all rock and I love them very much and it will hurt if you diss them (: hahah.

What do YOU obsess over? Tell me in a comment (:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

dear fashion, i love you.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been blogging much, but I've been busy with school starting and all that fun stuff. I'll try to blog as much as I can!

Anyway. I've decided to start a feature on my blog. Every Wednesday, I'll try to have "Today's Topic". I'll come up with something fun to post about, and you can leave some comments on your opinions (: Enjoy!

Today's Topic:

What is fashion?

Fashion is love.

Fashion is life.

Fashion is beautiful.
Fashion is creativity.
Fashion is expression.

I could go onnn and onnn and onnn about this.

I love dressing up, even if it's just to go to the grocery store for a few minutes. I love shopping and picking out the cutest stuff I can find. I love wearing that stuff the very next day. I love finding clothes and accessories and throwing them together to create something amazing and adorable. I love reading fashion magazines and knowing what's in.

I love taking pictures of new outfits I score. I love fashion. It's so important to me, especially at my age. I love how fashion lets everyone express theirselves in their own way. You can put the perfect outfit together to show off your personality. I love how it's so flexible.

I love making my own headbands, clips and accessories.I love the fact that it's possible and easy to do.

And most importantly, I love trying new looks. Mixing my own look and new ones is my favorite thing to do. Fashion is simple. Fashion will always be in style. (:

What's your style?

Let's hear some love in the comments (:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

abc. easy as 123.

I love doing these when I find them. This one's the alphabet (:
Attached or Single?
Singleee (: But crushing. Just like every other 13 year old girl.
Best friend?
The six other girls in my group.
Cake or Pie?
Day of Choice?
Saturday. The middle of the weekend. No school, no work.
Essential Item?
Many things I use daily.
Favorite color?
Gummy worms or bears?
Ahh. Toughie. I like sour worms, regular bears.
Fork, Washingon. (I wish)
Hershey's Bliss chocolate. And anything cute at a store..
January or July?
July. No school.. warm days.. relaxation..
People that like toys and can be annoying. Since I'm a teen now.
Life is complete without?
Anything Twilight, anything Taylor Swift, any music and Disney World.
Marriage Date?
Don't even have a boyfriend, dude. 13 here!
Number of siblings?
Oranges or Apples?
Both. Except me no likey when my fingers smell like oranges..
Phobias or fears?
Spiders. Death. Being kidnapped.. happy things! There's a few more.
Quote I love..
Anything Edward says in the Twilight Saga.
The first paragraph of Chapter 4 in New Moon.
Almost everything in a Twilight book.. except what Jacob or any wolf says. Except Seth. He's muh homeboy.
Reason to Smile?
My life (:
Salt.. Fall and Spring.
A bomb dot com game. Which I tend to lose.
Unknown fact?
I love Leighton Meester.
Vegetarian or meat-eater?
Um. Hi. I eat food. I like to get all nutrients. I don't discriminate. I am not a racist, here!
Worst habit?
Procrastinating. Complaining. Fidgeting with my bracelet. Repeating what people said a second before. Waaay more..
X-ray or ultrasound?
Well.. They're both used for medical mumbo jumbo. If that's what you're asking.
Your favorite foods?
Can't pick. I don't disriminate. Like I said before. GAH!
What people use for horoscopes.

what i'm grateful for..

I saw this reading another blog, and I decided to share with you 100 things I'm grateful for..
1. My entire family.
2. My friends.
3. God.
4. The fact that my friends and family love me no matter who I am and no matter what I do.
6. Twilight Saga
7. Robert Pattinson
8. Edward Cullen
9. Kristen Stewart
10. Ashley Greene
11. Taylor Swift
12. Malls and shopping
13. The number 13 (:
14. Any music
15. My singing voice
16. My sister. And the fact that I know she'll be my best friend my whole entire life.
17. My dad. And the fact that he loves me more than I could ask for and the fact that he's so supportive in everything I do. And the fact that he makes me laugh 24/7.
18. My mom. The fact that she takes care of me when I need it most. The fact that she created me and she's the reason I'm here today. The fact that she'll always be there to make me laugh, or to listen.
19. Guys.. sometimes.
20. Sugar.
21. Jordan. For being my best friend.. sister.
22. Maddie. For being able to listen to me and knowing exactly how I feel.
23. Hayley. For making me laugh at stupid stuff when she knows I'm feeling upset.
24. Molly. For being completely random and crazy. And loving me for the same reasons.
25. Rachel. Who I can talk to about anything.
26. Mackenzie. For always being there.
17. Busy Bee Lauren. For making me laugh my butt off 24/7. I love her!
28. Busy Bee Lauren's blog. For letting me read it whenever I want. It's the best blog I have ever seen in my life.
29. My pets. For acting crazy and making me laugh till it hurts.
30. Pretty flowers.
31. Because I soooo desperatley wanted a blog and now I'm in love with it.
32.,,, TwilightersAnonymous. For filling my Twilight addiction when I need it.
33. Taylor Swift's MySpace, Taylor Swift's Twitter and For letting me know what's going on in Taylor Swift's life.
34. The color pink. It has always been my favorite. Always will be.
35. Disney World. I go every year, and love every second.
36. Fantasy Perfume. God. I love the smell.
37. Warm Vanilla Sugar. Ahh.. so calming.
38. The internet. For letting me know things a lot quicker.
39. Blogging. Ahh. I love it so much!
40. Fashion.
41. Love. It can hurt, but it's beautifullll.
42. Money. So I can someday support myself.
43. Soft things.
44. Cats. They make me happy.
45. Laughter. I need it to survive.
50. Ladybugs. They make me happy. And always let me know my grandma is watching over me.
51. Cheerleading. I love it. I would be so bored without it.
52. Sparkly nonsense.
53. Nail polish/make-up.
54. My freckles.
55. Clocks. So I can know what time it is (:
56. Facebook. So I can keep up with old friends and meet new ones.
57. YouTube. So I won't always be bored with nothing to do.
58. Television. For my favorite shows.
59. The radio. Because I'm so in love with music.
60. Concerts. I love the energy. And seeing my favorite artists in person.
61. My personality that people seem to like.
62. School. Because I love feeling smart and being successful.
63. The Golden Girls. One of the best shows.. EVER.
64. Ballet. The most beautiful dancing ever. I would love to take classes again..
65. Dresses. I would wear one every day if I could.
66. The sun. It cheers me up.
67. Thunderstorms during class. I love the distractions. (:
68. Sleeping.
69. Taco Bell.
70. Cell phones and texting.
71. Pictures.
72. Photography. I love to capture moments.
73. Inside jokes that make you laugh for no reason.
74. The Bible.
75. Napoleon Dynamite. The best so-stupid-it's-freakin'-hilarious movie of all time.
76. CDs.
77. My every so often bursts of creativeness.
78. Flower headbands.
79. Tutorials.
80. Pink Falmingoes.
81. Beaches
82. Christmas.
83. Hanging out with friends.
84. Being able to type fairly fast.
85. Shoes
86. Accessories.
87. Hobby Lobby.
88. Forgiveness.
89. Honesty.
90. The fact that I'm almost done.. haha.
91. iPods.
92. Cameras.
93. Food.
94. Water.
95. My warm, comfy house.
95. Bracelets.
96. My hair. When it cooperates.
97. Candy.
98. Showers.
99. Paramore.
100. All you commenters (:
What are you grateful for? Tell me some things in the comments!

Friday, August 14, 2009

& i'm only me when i'm with you. <3

I love mine.
Wanna know why?
Probably not.. but I'm telling you anyway.

One; They're always there to make me laugh.

Two; they always know EXACTLY how to cheer me up. Even when they never know what will cheer me up. They find a way and never give up.

Three; They always seem to know when I'm lonely or bored and talk to me right away.

Four; I never get bored with them. We have a blast from start to finish.

Five; They're like sisters to me. We're really close and we always talk. Always.

Six; We're NOTHING alike. But we alway stick together through the hard times, have amazing memories, and love to be with each other.

Seven; I love them. They love me. I know we'll be best friends forever and we'll never give up in a fight. We love each other no matter what. And we mean the world to each other.

Why do you love your friends? Tell me in the comments or post this on your blog and leave the link in the comments. I would love to know why you love them. (:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

edward & bella. for eternity.

Just a random post. (:
(*Possible Spoilers for Breaking Dawn*)

You would only understand if you have read the Twilight Series. Which, I bet most of you have. hahah. But today, August 13th, is an important day. It's Edward and Bella's anniversary. (: So happy anniversary you fictional characters I wish were real! :D

flower headbands.

Okay. So Lauren gave me inspiration with this. She's always being creative and crafty and I totally love that. I wish I could be so creative! She's made some headbands and clips in the past, and always shows them off on her blog. She's giving a tutorial soon on how to make the headbands, but my friend Maddie and I made our own a couple weeks ago. They turned out REALLY well and they're super cute!
I decided to make my own business selling them. Unfortunately, it's only available to people where I live, since I don't really feel comfortable selling online. But. I'll show pictures from time to time, and maybe give my own tutorial, so you can make these adorable flower headbands and clips. (:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the best letter of the alphabet.

Reading a blog, I found this fun game I want to try. You answer some questions with the first letter of your name.

Not such a bad one. Mango's are oookaay..

Mountain Dew.

Never really liked the stuff.. The name is so weird. What the heck is a dew? The stuff that's on the grass in the morning? Who wants to drink THAT?

Mariah Carey.
Yeeeah.. I've never been a fan of her's. She seems like she has a big ego and she NEEDS to stop wearing such short stuff!

The sound a kitty makes (: Cat's are like, my 2nd favorite animal. hahah.

Mellors Road.
That should sooo be a new nickname of mine.. Mellors.

I love this color. Pink is my #1 favorite color. Especially this shade.


I got one as a gift a couple Christmases ago. I absolutely love it and use it all the time!

Musician. My dream job.

Mean Girls.

Oh, dear lord. I love this movie. It's so funny and terrible. Ahh. Love.

Mila Kunis.
Loved her on That 70's Show. Love her on Family Guy. She's awesome.


hahhaah. Simple enough. I read this magazine tons, too! I even have that exact one. pahahah.

Simple. Yet over-used.

I love this name.


Never really hear of it a lot..

Martial Arts.

Two words: Taylor Lautner :D

Mug.Yeyeeeah (:
Now, I tag all you bloggers out there! What are some things start with the first letter of your name?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hello all (:

Hi, everyone! I'm a huge fan of Twilight and I'm 13. I'm a HUUUGE fan of Busy Bee Lauren! The link to her blog is on my sidebar, so check it out! She's hilarious!
I'm here to share stories about my life with you all. (: Today is a great day since I got to start my blog. I'm excited! I have another blog,
Twilight Rehab, which actually makes your addiction worse. Hahah (: Check it out! Oh, by the way. My name's Melissa. And this is me:

I hope you love my blog (: I'll keep up as much as possible! Please enjoy some fascinating stories of my life (: