Sunday, August 30, 2009


So, lately I've been very busy being caught up in school. Blahh. I need summer back.

I have obsessions.
And when I say obsessions, I mean:
-Looking up information every single day on the subject so I don't feel behind.
-Spaz everytime someone says "I have something to tell you", thinking it's something they knew before ME about my obsession
-Srsly stalking, and I mean stalking, the poor people
-Speaking of it nonstop
-Finding ways to bring up the subject, and freaking when the chance comes
-Loving to brag about things I know and people I've met
Yes.. I have many. Three of my biggest happen to beeee...

*Twilight - Whatta shock! Who ISN'T obsessed with that?! If you aren't, I suggest you best stop reading my blog cause it will come up.... a lot.

*Taylor Swift - Freakin' lovvvvve her. We have a billion things in commen. Fur realz. We have the same birthday, helloo. But there's more (: Plus, everyone can relate to her so well, and she treats her fans like you've been her best friend forever! And so do her mom, Andrea and best friend, Abigail! ( I typed this the 'You Belong With Me' music video came on TV.. creepy.) PS; photo credits to me (: Woop woop! From her concert here babayyy.

* Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren/ Lauren's Bite - Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy God. I love her! She's freakin' hilarious and she's soo nice and gorgeous! I've talked to her before on Facebook and I've emailed her before. She's so sweet! I actually think of her as a celebrity (: hahaha.So, those three topics MAY come up tons and tons and it MAY cause you to hate me and them. But don't (: Because they all rock and I love them very much and it will hurt if you diss them (: hahah.

What do YOU obsess over? Tell me in a comment (:

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