Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ohh, maddie..

Hey, all (: I have been so out of blogging.. Gah. I'm supposed to be doing 'Today's Topic' every Wednesday.. I totally skipped a couple. Oops (: Well, here's one! Finally.

Today's Topic?

Ahhh. Who is this Maddie? She's my best friend, pretty much. We're always together. It's crazy. I can trust her with evvverything. We both started our blog's due to Lauren over at Busy Bee Lauren. We're HUGE fans of her (umm, yes. she is a celeb) and we love her a lot! We've talked to her, and she's just about the sweetest person ever. Sooo. We love her blog and it's totally hilar, so we decided to start our own. Yes. 'Tis true. So today the topic is Much About Maddie.
Go on over and check it out! It's a really good read when you're bored. (: Make sure you comment.. or follow her ;)

What's your favorite blog? Tell me in a comment!

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