Saturday, September 5, 2009


music is my main love.

just thought you should know.

i've always loved to sing and dance.. i miss ballet (which i may post about soon..) so much. i have a microphone sitting in my room which i use daily - even thought it's falling apart. i freaking love that thing. when i was little, i used to HATE music and listening to the radio. why? because i was jealous of everyone on the radio. i wanted people to hear MY song on the radio. now, i'm still jealous, but i can handle it. i know i'll be there someday. i'm a very positive person. you know how it iiiis. now all i do is listen to music. i can't live without it. i'm getting a guitar in the next week, which i am freaking PUMMMPED about. i've been dying to get one since i was in like, 2nd grade. gah! i'm really excited (: i love any kind of music. like, i love taylor swift (country/pop) but right now, i'm listening to a rap-ish/r&b song. anything is fun for me to listen to.

so.. what do you love about music? what's your favorite type of music? tell me in a comment! (:

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